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Client Feedback

I have included some client feedback comments here for you to have a look at taken from several people I have helped recently. All feedback was given after completion of our work together and consent was given for me to use the comments for this purpose.

"I met Karen three and a half years ago at a time when I experienced a whole host of confusing emotions and wasn’t sure what was wrong with the world, let alone me. I approached her to help me sort my relationships at work, but little did I know that the journey will transform into a healing, meditative practice of self care and rediscovering my inner strength. Karen was the transformative force that I needed in my life to help me understand what my emotions are made of, teach me self-love and care for my inner child. After three years of hard work, many difficult sessions and a lot of genuine empathy and care from Karen I found myself at more peace. Karen told me self care and love is a never ending and continuous process, a mantra I will hold dear every day and continue to hold her in my thoughts when I am finding myself under a dark black cloud of thoughts. Through Karen I can say I found my inner voice and am looking forward to spending a lifetime refining what that voice is going to say to me."

" I have worked with Karen for the last four years and I can honestly say this investment in myself is one that I will never regret. Karen met me at a time when I was ‘rock bottom’. Depression, grieving loss and low self-esteem had finally snowballed into one big dark cloud and I didn’t know how to rescue myself. Karen helped me work through a whole facet of life experiences and relationships to make sense of who I am. Ultimately, through her own empathy, insight and genuine care she transformed the way I see my world and my relationships. I am confident that I will never be under that darkest cloud again as she has helped me develop a mental ‘toolkit’ of coping strategies and tactics that I will take forward into my next life chapters. Thank you Karen."

"I have known Karen for several months, during a very painful period of my life where I became utterly confused and lost. Before meeting Karen I was very skeptical, as it is far too easy to fall into the trap of stereotypes , and also as a male, possibly more difficult due to ego, to admit you need help and support at all. Karen literally saved me from a situation that was tearing me apart inside and I certainly don't say this lightly and certainly not for effect just for the benefit of this testimonial. I am writing this to sincerely express my appreciation for a person that genuinely helped me through am extremely difficult time and to ensure whomever reads this understands there is indeed support out there and that Karen is not just fully qualified by her educational credentials but by her personal sincerity and desire to listen to you , and to support you, when you are at your most vulnerable. Very few people can you honestly declare have changed your life, Karen is certainly among them. Thank you!"

"On my first meeting with Karen she asked me what I hoped to gain from therapy. I answered "peace". I was at a point in my life where I felt desperate and I could not see how to resolve the family situation that was making me so miserable. Karen was extremely warm and kind and she made me feel safe and able to tell her anything and everything. She listened to me without judgement and helped me understand why I felt the way I did.She has a wonderful way of making you feel valued and she encouraged me to believe in myself and trust my own judgement. She has guided me towards the peace the I now feel and I am incredibly grateful to her for all she has done for me."

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