Counselling & Psychotherapy
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What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Many people ask what the difference is between Counselling and Psychotherapy. There is a great deal of overlap and the terms are used interchangeably but on the whole, Counselling tends to offer a shorter term intervention and may help people who are facing present day difficulties and decisions. With this intervention, there tends to be less of an emphasis and focus on the past, e.g. help with a work related issue or building coping skills.

Psychotherapy has a much longer focus offering a more in depth understanding of ourselves and of how our pasts have shaped our present. It may for example, help us to understand how our present difficulties have been influenced by our past experiences and relationships and how habitual patterns have been formed and importantly, how to change. At the initial appointment, we will discuss whether counselling or psychotherapy is likely to be the best intervention, based on what the difficulties are and their likely root cause.

What does Counselling and Psychotherapy offer?

Counselling and Psychotherapy can offer a rare and unique space to be able to explore your thoughts and feelings in the safe environment of a trained professional. This can help you to discover your path to personal growth through understanding your limitations as well as finding your strength and true potential. With increased self understanding, acceptance and self awareness, this can mean that opportunities for change are possible and a more fulfilling relationship with the self and relationship with others can be experienced.

Who is it for?

Counselling and Psychotherapy is for anyone who may be experiencing a problem, distress or general unhappiness but equally, it can be for anyone who would like to get to increase their self awareness and personal growth and learn more about themselves without their being a particular 'problem'. Some people simply don't know 'what is wrong', but arrive wanting me to help them process, understand and make sense of their experiences. Some of the issues that you could receive help and support for include: Relationship difficulties; Anxiety and stress; Depression; Trauma; Childhood Abuse; Self Harm; Eating Difficulties; Loss and Bereavement; Self Esteem and Confidence. There are many other difficulties that are not listed here. If you are unsure if counselling can help you, please get in contact and we can discuss this either over the phone or by meeting for an initial appointment.

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